1. 5G-NR信道编码

      标签:徐俊 袁戈非著 人民邮电出版社

      徐俊 袁戈非著 人民邮电出版社

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    2. RTL代码指南.



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    3. 代码整洁之道



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    4. 凸优化_Boyd_王书宁译



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    5. 矩阵分析(约翰斯 杨奇译)



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    6. 最优化理论与算法(第2版)-陈宝林



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    7. 最优化方法及其Matlab程序设计(马昌凤)

      标签:最优化方法 MATLAB

      最优化方法及其Matlab程序设计(马昌凤) 较为系统地介绍了非线性最优化问题的基本理论和算法及其主要算法的MATLAB程序设计

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    8. IC Compiler Classic Router User Guide

      标签:ICC Classic Router User Guide

      IC Compiler Classic Router User Guide

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    9. IC Compiler Advanced Geometries User Guide

      标签:IC Compiler User Guide

      IC Compiler Advanced Geometries User Guide

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    10. Synthesis Tool Commands Version I-2013.12-SP2

      标签:Synthesis Tool Commands Version I-2013.12-SP2

      Copyright Notice and Proprietary Information ? 2014 Synopsys, Inc. All rights reserved. This software and documentation contain confidential and proprietary information that is the property of Synopsys, Inc. The software and documentation are furnished under a license agreement and may be used or copied only in accordance with the terms of the license agreement. No part of the software and documentation may be reproduced, transmitted, or translated, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, manual, optical, or otherwise, without prior written permission of Synopsys, Inc., or as expressly provided by the license agreement. Destination Control Statement All technical data contained in this publication is subject to the export control laws of the United States of America. Disclosure to nationals of other countries contrary to United States law is prohibited. It is the reader\'s responsibility to determine the applicable regulations and to comply with them. Disclaimer SYNOPSYS, INC., AND ITS LICENSORS MAKE NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WITH REGARD TO THIS MATERIAL, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Trademarks Synopsys and certain Synopsys product names are trademarks of Synopsys, as set forth at http://www.synopsys.com/Company/Pages/Trademarks.aspx. All other product or company names may be trademarks of their respective owners. Third-Party Links Any links to third-party websites included in this document are for your convenience only. Synopsys does not endorse and is not responsible for such websites and their practices, including privacy practices, availability, and content. Synopsys, Inc. 700 E. Middlefield Road Mountain View, CA 94043 www.synopsys.com

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    11. LTE物理下行信道精讲(华为)



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    12. Book Processor and system on chip simulation

      标签:system on chip simulation

      Book Processor and system on chip simulation

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    13. Designing Digital Systems With SystemVerilog

      标签: Digital Systems SystemVerilog

      Dr. Brent E. Nelson Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Brigham Young University Provo, UT, 84602 brentnelson@ieee.org April 2018 Version 1.0

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    14. C和指针(POINTERS ON C)

      标签:C c++ 指针

      POINTERS ON C 美KennethA.Peek 著 徐波译 人民邮电出版社出版 《C和指针》提供与C语言编程相关的全面资源和深入讨论。《C和指针》通过对指针的基础知识和高级特性的探讨,帮助程序员把指针的强大功能融入到自己的程序中去。全书共18章,覆盖了数据、语句、操作符和表达式、指针、函数、数组、字符串、结构和联合等几乎所有重要的C编程话题。书中给出了很多编程技巧和提示,每章后面有针对性很强的练习,附录部分则给出了部分练习的解答。本书提供与c语言编程相关的全面资源和深入讨论。本书通过对指针的基础知识和高级特性的探讨,帮助程序员把指针的强大功能融入到自己的程序中去。   全书共18章,覆盖了数据、语句、操作符和表达式、指针、函数、数组、字符串、结构和联合等几乎所有重要的c编程话题。书中给出了很多编程技巧和提示,每章后面有针对性很强的练习,附录部分则给出了部分练习的解答。   本书适合c语言初学者和初级c程序员阅读,也可作为计算机专业学生学习c语言的参考。

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    15. MATLAB7.0从入门到精通



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    16. 如何仿真IP核(建立modelsim仿真库完整解析)



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    17. modelsim后仿真

      标签:FPGA modelsim


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    18. ModelSim电子系统分析及仿真

      标签:ModelSim FPGA ASIP

      于斌 米秀杰主编 电子工业出版社出版 2011.12月第一次印刷

      下载次数 83次 资源类型 技术文档 上传时间 2019-12-17


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